Your website’s Landing page

A landing page is defined as the initial page that a prospective client visiting your online page, website or blog sees. This page has to be designed with the aim of directing the prospective client to take a particular action so that you can achieve certain goals. Normally, such goals include; increase conversion rates, generate high subscription rates, direct more customers to your products, push more leads down your sales funnel to become paying clients, among others.

To achieve your goals, your landing page requires to adhere to some best practices so that it can effectively communicate its message to the clients and convert them towards your goals. Those best practices include;

Your landing page should load fast. This means that you should avoid any images on your page that take a lot of storage which may slow down the loading of your page and end up frustrating the prospective clients. This leads to a high bounce rate. Landing pages with few or no images have been seen to increase leads by more than 11%. It’s advisable that if you have to include an image, let it be less than 1 MB in terms of its storage space so that your landing page loads fast even on slow internet.

In a previous article i talked about gaining your client’s trust by including some social proof. That includes testimonials from clients, photos of customers, social media posts, certifications and social media posts that legitimize you before your client. This works best on a website’s landing page. For more on how you can implement social proof on your site check This article

Another important aspect of a landing page which i have written about before is A Strong Call To Action which has to be focused and straight forward. It directs the prospective client visiting your landing page to take a specific action. Making a landing page actionable and personal like having a field name “my email” rather than “your email” has been seen to greatly improve conversion rates.

The title of your landing page has to have an attention grabbing quality by creating curiosity in the prospective client to keep them interested in your landing page. It should also have few words that indicate a solution to a problem or pain point of your target audience. For example “Get your top news updates on the move!” for a company that wants to subscribe members for their news updates.

Lastly, making your landing page cross platform friendly is very essential so as to ensure all users irrespective of the device they are using are able to access it. This enables them to take the action it requires of them without hindrances. Get web applications with optimized landing pages from TrendPro Systems Ltd today and enjoy your online presence.

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