Having A Strong Call To Action on Your Landing Page

Landing pages and strong calls to action are among the techniques that have been devised to to increase the conversion rate of your online prospects to leads. Due to the huge amount of information online fighting for our attention and our limited concentration span, online marketers need to put their best foot forward by designing compelling landing pages and strong calls to action to achieve high conversion rates.There are a number of articles and literature on how to come up with the best landing page and the common feature among all of them is having a strong call to action in your landing page. So what does it take to have a strong call to action?

One of the most important things to consider when coming up with a strong call to action is to concisely define the purpose of your landing page. First, your landing page is not the place to display all the information because prospect clients rarely have a minute to go through it. Hence, it has to have the minimum necessary information and a focused, straightforward and specific call to action and nothing more. So whether its purpose is to get a prospect to purchase, call, complete a form, download something or email, ensure you communicate that in the most compelling and clear manner as possible.

Your landing page should have ideally one call to action. According to Unbounce-Marketing Infographic having one call to action on your landing generates the highest conversion rates and the more calls to action on your landing page, the lower the conversion rate. The same applies to number of offers on your landing page, having many calls to action/offers confuses the prospect and sends them away. If you are undecided on which call to action to use, you can conduct split tests to find out which one is more effective.

When using forms as your call to action ensure you design them to be highly specific and quality. Not to include a lot of fields but they should be enough to capture all the relevant data.

Lastly, remove all the clutter from your landing page. Ensure all unnecessary links and information or decoration are not included to avoid distracting the prospect or overwhelming them with choice. This is demonstrated by Sheena Iyengar in her Ted Talk and Perry Marshall’s article generates what’s known as ‘ONLINE ADD’ which is a situation where somebody is so overwhelmed with choice that they stay indifferent.

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