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Who we are

We are a web and mobile app development and design company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are specialised in React Native, Java and Ruby on Rails.

Skilled Team

We have a highly skilled team that can deliver quality, industry standard applications within a short period of time. Our web design and web development experience will guarantee success for your project.

Our Approach

We don't sell code. We provide business solutions to our clients that add value to their day to day operations. We create websites, web applications and mobile applications that actually solve real client problems.

High Quality Code

We focus our effort on high quality, tested and maintainable code. Hence delivering value to our clients. Our web development and design teams produce high quality code that is at par with world-class software houses.

No overheads

We are a lean website design company and deliver projects with minimum overheads as we understand the resource contraints that clients normally face. We will atleast find that something that works with your budget.

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Don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients are saying

Great group of people with excellent coding and project management skills
Application developement in Kenya client

Product Owner

We found that they were invaluable to kickstart our mobile app and quickly get us to a customer ready product.
Website developement in Kenya client

IT Manager
Swivel Marketing

What sets them apart is their disciplined approach to building your product.
Website developement in Kenya client

IT Manager

The website looks great and everyone is very pleased with it. Thank you very much for your hard work and patience getting this completed!
Website developement in Kenya client

Product Owner

Who we have worked with

Website Design / Android App Development / Web Apps / iOS App Design/API Development

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Captivating marketing media qualities for your digital platforms in Kenya.

Captivating marketing media qualities for your digital platforms in Kenya.

Contrary to 20th century assumption among scientists that the post childhood human brain is stable in structure and that it remains consistent throughout life, increasing evidence shows that our increasing consumption of media via digital devices is altering our cognitive skills like attention. The extent of this effect is determined by the volume, intensity and style of our consumption of digital media.

Your website’s Landing page

Your website’s Landing page

A landing page is defined as the initial page that a prospective client visiting your online page, website or blog sees. This page has to be designed with the aim of directing the prospective client to take a particular action so that you can achieve certain goals. Normally, such goals include; increase conversion rates, generate high subscription rates, direct more customers to your products, push more leads down your sales funnel to become paying clients, among others.

The case of incomplete/failed software development projects in Kenya

The case of incomplete/failed software development projects in Kenya

Quite a number of the new leads for software development that we receive at our firm Trendpro Systems Ltd involve clients who fell apart with their former software developers and left the client with an incomplete project after they had paid them. These clients normally expect that it’s a simple process where our developers can pick up the source code and develop on it to completion with just a little effort

Social Proof For Your Website

Social Proof For Your Website

People tend to buy into something especially when they see others using it. It’s a psychological principle that has been exploited by marketers to promote their products by ensuring that their product is endorsed by their early clients and this early endorsement forms the basis of attracting new clients