Our Process

TrendPro Systems uses a powerful and proven development process to help our clients unlock value.

Agile + Rapid Product Development

While great software development is at the heart of it, we add value in multiple ways. Strategy, design/UX, web and mobile development, API integration, agile learning and iteration.

1. Discover

The first step to working together is for us to really get to know you and truly understand your product vision.

We want to understand who you are and how you like to work, in order to build a strong and transparent working relationship with you. To determine if we are a good fit for each other, and to make sure we can rapidly unlock value for you, our strategists and developers will ask a lot of questions to help us understand what you want to build, who you’re building it for, and what key assumptions we’ll need to test once we get the product in front of real users.

2. Define

Before we begin writing any code, we want to create a clear roadmap and set transparent expectations to make sure we are completely aligned.

We will assign you with a Project Lead and a Strategist who will provide consulting and coaching on your project to set the scope, prioritize features, plan out the roadmap, and outline user experience. They will then tap the right resources (designers and developers) for the project. If you’ve not already done it, your assigned team will help you translate customer/user insights into user stories, and user stories into key features - which will help us define your product roadmap

3. Develop

At this point, we will start to dig into the architecture of the project. We will present designs to you and have working software up that you can see and continuously monitor to view our progress

As we navigate through the roadmap together, we will provide weekly updates and be available to answer any questions help you stay connected to the process as we pilot through any technical and timeline challenges.

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