Social Proof For Your Website

People tend to buy into something especially when they see others using it. It’s a psychological principle that has been exploited by marketers to promote their products by ensuring that their product is endorsed by their early clients and this early endorsement forms the basis of attracting new clients. To tap into this principle in your online world, you need to set up your own social proof for your website to convert more first time clients. That can be achieved by having the following on your website.

First, include photos of your happy clients or show videos of your clients while handling your product. This goes a long way to familiarize prospects with your product making it easier for them to buy and start using it.

Testimonials from people outside your brand who have said something nice about your brand or product also works to your advantage. People feel more confident with your product when they see such endorsement. They will quickly buy without much doubt.

Another aspect is to have your social media posts and engagements on your site so that a prospect can see how you interacting with other clients. It builds that social trust and hence the social acceptance and willingness to buy.

A ratings and reviews section enables your users to rate and review your products and services. Like the way we rate and review apps in the app store. Those reviews and ratings help the next new client to decide whether or not to buy your product or service.

Don’t forget to include your industry standard certifications, badges or seals because such certifications inspire confidence in the quality of your products and services enhancing the probability of that prospect buying your product or service.

Subscriber count, the number of your facebook friends or twitter followers also inspire that confidence in that if so many have subscribed to your product or service, they are probably right and that’s the basis or reasoning behind this principle.

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