Dos and Don’ts on your website development as a tool for gaining social trust

Your company website forms a critical customer touch point. Therefore, it has to be developed to reflect the the soul, essence and ideology of the company. It has to inspire confidence in a prospective client so that they are comfortable transacting with you. A number of companies haven’t taken time to implement some of the basic elements that can drive client trust and hence end up sabotaging themselves. Below, I look at some of the common mistakes and some of the best practices that can help you enhance your website’s trust among clients. This article is based on Social Media Today’s Infographic

Some of the sections in your website that are affected the most when it comes to trust include; the ABOUT US and CONTACT US sections. Absence or scanty information on this section gives your website visitors the feeling that you are not genuine. Your website DOMAIN NAME is also another section. Making your domain name private raises suspicion of your business. A company’s website PRIVACY POLICY which is not elaborate about what they do with user data is likely to drive privacy-conscious clients away. In addition, a substandard WEBSITE DESIGN with inconsistent content and slow loading web pages drives your clients away.

Some of the best practices that we insist on when developing your web applications at TrendPro Systems Ltd to optimize your website to drive trust in your clients include; capturing a comprehensive story for your ABOUT US section and all necessary and sufficient info for your CONTACT US section hence making your website humane. We encourage you not to hide your DOMAIN name and advice you to come up with an elaborate and clear PRIVACY POLICY so that your clients feel confident in you.

With our expertise in WEB DESIGN we ensure that we optimise website readability and clarity with the right design, simple navigation, quality and quick loading images and uncluttered content arrangement. We also optimize the load speeds for your website as i recently wrote here

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