Web page load speed In applications development

A case study conducted by GQ Magazine showed that by them reducing their web page’s load speed from 7 to 1.5 seconds, they managed to increase the amount of new customer visits to their web pages by 5million. In addition, the time spent on their website by these customers increased to 7.8 minutes on average. Overall, it increased their user engagement and ad interaction rate for the business.

Recent statistics also show that 53% of users will abandon a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Another research shows that 52% of online shoppers prefer a company with faster loading web pages for them to remain loyal and 39% of online users said they would stop engaging with a web page if their images took long to load.

The above trends all indicate that online users are inclining towards faster loading pages and abandoning slow one. In the world of today where we have information overload and ever decreasing attention spans, your web page need to load quickly for it to have a chance to be viewed by your prospective clients. But first, what is page load speed?

Page load speed can be defined as the time it takes for a web page requested(by a user clicking on a link) to be downloaded and and its entire content to be displayed on the browser. This time is normally measured in seconds. Some of the factors that affect page load speeds among other factors include; the page design as well as the type and the weight of the elements on the page. Speeding up your page requires that when designing your web pages you optimize them for speed.

At TrendPro Systems Ltd we know how valuables loading speed is to your web pages and we design and develop your web and mobile applications with an integrated optimization for speed so that you have a competitive advantage from the start.

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