The Importance maintenance and support for your application (Part 1)

One of the major reasons why you need maintenance and support for your mobile or web application, which I have talked about in a previous article, is due to the frequent changes that happen to the market that your application operates in. These changes range from policies like General Data Protection Regulation Act to restrictions like interest rates that affect the way your application interacts with your clients.

Let’s take the example of financial applications and websites that extend loans and manage user savings in Kenya. When the central of kenya introduced interest rate cap, it made it a requirement that all financial institutions handling client savings and extending loans adhere to the set interest cap rate. This by extension required that financial institutions with mobile or web applications for savings and loans had to modify their application features for calculating interest to reflect the new restrictions. Beside, a recent increase in the tax charged on mobile money transfer charges has seen an adjustment of the transaction cost on mobile money transfer charges. This required mobile money applications to modify their application features to reflect the change.

Another example is the recent revision of the General Data Protection Regulations due to wrong usage of Facebook users’ data by third party application. It made it mandatory for every application, mobile or web, to update its terms and conditions and to make their users aware. A move that has resulted in receiving emails from almost all the applications one has ever used sending you an email to make you aware of their compliance with GDPR. with the new regulation the applications have to modify, delete or come up with new features to handle user data effectively as well as add new security features and this entails support and maintenance.

There are a number of other ways in which the ever changing market for your application would trigger the modification, deletion or coming up with new features for your application. (You can contribute in the comments below as we continue this conversation).This necessitate the need to have a competent and reliable team to handle your application maintenance and support needs as soon as they arises.

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