Mobile and Web Applications Maintenance and Support

One of the fundamental standards in Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC), in this case, mobile and web applications development, is the application’s Maintenance and Support. It’s the process of putting in place skills and measures required to support an application system to ensure it runs optimally. It involves constant monitoring, troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing of the application system.

Just like our body needs food, water, medicine, a bath, rest among other needs to ensure we are healthy and productive, your application needs to be supported and maintained regularly to ensure it delivers its intended purpose. Regular maintenance and support is meant to; fix bugs, update APIs, modify features, add new features, enhance app security, improve UI and UX, update the app to keep up with platform and hardware requirements, managing downtimes among others.

The above maintenance activities are done for a number of reasons including; a response to bugs identifies by users or in the user reports, to keep the application up-to-date with the technological changes like updating your iOS app to be compatible with iOS 11, to improve the performance of the app by addition of new features and to prevent future problems with the application like enhancing its security to prevent data loss.

It’s not uncommon to come across clients in the industry who want do develop an application that’s perfect. They envision the SDLC as a one time activity. Unfortunately, applications development is a process and its recommended that you allocate your application resources in such a way that your initial application is a minimum viable product with a long term maintenance schedule. This way you avoid overspending on the initial application only to realize that most of the application’s features are not of use to the end users. Start with a simple app release and keep adapting based on customer feedback. This is the concept of end user development approach to application development.

App support and maintenance is crucial for you application success and therefore you ought to invest in the right maintenance and support services company. Failure to do that, your application will experience crashes on non-compatible platforms, risk data loss, get bad reviews and low ratings from users and other negative outcomes. This will result in low rankings on google or app store for mobile applications. Equally, mobile applications that don’t meet the required standards are ejected from Apple’s App store. Your customers will abandon your app and move to your competitor when they experience these shortcomings with your app resulting in loss of business.

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