Factors that affect the cost of your application.

The typical start of a conversation between a software development prospect and our company goes something like;

Client: Hi, I would like to know how much it will approximately cost for you to develop for me an application.
Us: Hello, thank you for contacting us, for us to be able to approximate the cost, we need to know the features of your application or what you want your application to achieve. Please send us a detailed description of your app and we will develop a quote for you…

The budget of an application is a significant factor when determining if it’s viable to develop an application for your business, that’s why we have considered it important to break it down for you how the different factors and considerations interact to determine the complexity of an application hence affecting its cost and the time it takes to develop it. Armed with this factors, you can easily understand why we price your app the way we do and you can give us the right information to build you an app that solves your problem fully.

For a developer to correctly understand the scope of your app, they need to understand your business model. Your business model in this case include factors like your target audience. Based on your target audience characteristics, you can settle for a mobile app if they use smartphones or a web application if they use desktops mostly. Based on their characteristics you can settle for an android or iOS app. Besides, you need to lay out your model for making money with the app; is it a free app or an in-app purchase app in which case you need a payments platform integrated into the app? Or you will be running ads in the app to generate money in which case you need an ad management system linked to your app contributing to the complexity of the app?

Another factor which is considered the main determinant of the app cost, is the functionality of the app which entails the features of the application. We have many functionalities which can be combined in various ways to produce apps which achieve totally different functions. User profiles, eCommerce transactions, geolocation services, social integration, backend report among other functionalities combine differently to produce simple to very complex applications and hence their cost. If you ever find a developer or development company giving you a quote on an app before you break it down for them to understand its functionality scope, Run! Those aren’t realistic.

The application interface also contributes to the app’s cost. As I discussed here application design is a significant factor in app development and hence its cost. If your target users are specifically sensitive with graphics and your app includes a number of pages, it will require that you invest in high end graphic designers designing multiple pages which will significantly affect the app cost. Apart from the user interface(UI), the ability of the app to work seamlessly giving the user a great user experience(UX) is even of greater value. This is the point where you check the portfolio of your developer team to see how good their previous applications work.

Backend and Application Program Interface (API) integrations determine how much effort and expertise your development team is going to deploy to develop your app. Some private APIs require complex coding to integrate to your app as compares to some simple ones. Therefore, the number and complexity of databases or platforms that are to be connected to your app will affect the pricing.

Your developer team is also a factor to put into consideration. Check out their previous projects and see how good they are. Do they match your desired quality? Cheap non experienced teams might end up developing a substandard project compared to an experienced team with a proven record of delivering quality applications.

Having the above factors in perspective when looking for app development services can go a long way to help you not only identify the best development team for your application, but also it will help you negotiate for a good deal that is a win-win. You get a quality application and your development team gets a payment they deserve.

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