The importance of design in your application development

There are millions of applications that are available for use today and many more are being developed each day, however very few of these applications get to be used more than once by the end. Take for example the number of applications in your mobile device or computer that you use, i bet you use less 20% percent of your apps, more that 80% of the time. Personally, some apps i download, i never get to use them more than once. Against such statistics a person who wants an application solution to their problem should go an extra mile avoid mistakes that lead to unused applications. One of them is the ignorance of the role application design plays in the success of the app.

First i define application design because most of the time, the role of design is misunderstood and therefore downplayed by most people. Application design involves appearances and looks of the application as well as its usability when the end user interacts with the app. Its design should facilitate the ability of the user to derive value from the app with ease hence increasing their likelihood of using the app frequently. The two components that govern application design are; User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX).

User Interface is the general appearance of an application. It involves the graphics and layout of the app which should be compelling enough to the target clients to capture their attention and have them consider downloading the application in the first place. As with any product looks, first impression matters to grab attention of your target audience. Hence a good application should invest in beautiful and amazing graphic design and layout to grab the attention of the end user.

Next we have User Experience which deals with the usability of the application. Can the end user navigate through the application with minimum help, get a solution to their problem and keep engaged with the content the application it provides? An application that delivers real value makes the user happy and they use it frequently and even refer other clients to use it. They write positive reviews and give 5 star ratings helping in increasing trust in new users of your application. Through research into your market and testing your application features with beta users and iterating to keep the most valuable features, you can make an application that delivers high value to your users.

Next time you want an application developed for your business ensure your developer has a team working on the UI and UX feature. A good UI will attract the target user to try your application and an amazing UX will keep the user engaged. If you have any questions or would like any additional help with your application design, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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