Integrating mapping technology in your applications

Mapping digital technology involves collecting, compiling, storing and presenting location data in a visual format. Mapping has evolved from print to digital maps which are being applied in various industries. A wealth of information can be integrated into maps helping us find our way through new locations with ease. For example, google maps can show you the shortest route to your destination using multiple modes of transport(walking, car, public transport), the type of public transport plying that route, nearby places and their contacts, sharing options and much more. All this information incorporated into a digital map that can be accessed via a mobile device make navigation easy and convenient.

Advancement in digital mapping technology is having a huge impact in the various sectors of the economy. In the transport industry, which heavily depends on maps, has seen the development of cab hailing applications like Uber, which rely on maps. Many more applications are being developed in this area to optimize the use of vehicles and using the shortest routes. Cargo and parcel delivery businesses also can utilize map integrated applications to optimize their services.

The retail industry is also being impacted by this mapping technology too. Retailers are using merchandising applications like SaapCRM to track and gain geographical visibility into their distribution channels and outlets in real time. With detailed information about the outlets, agents assigned to those outlets and time tags on their activity, retailers can effectively manage the movement of their products easily and respond quickly to situations like stock outs.

At TrendPro Systems Ltd we have experience in developing map integrated applications for our clients from various industries. We design and develop quality mobile applications that work seamlessly so that your business thrives.

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