The need for payment integration in your mobile or web application

2018 has seen a more than 13% increase in e-commerce sales since 2016. It’s being observed that with the boom in mobile devices use to consume media, more and more consumers are preferring to do their shopping online. With online payments, one can shop for goods in another continent, pay for them and get them shipped to their doorstep. E-commerce is essentially increasing the choices for consumers and they are embracing it rapidly. To transform your website into an e-commerce website, you need to add a payment gateway into it which can then process the payments made for your goods or services automatically. First we define what a payment gateway is.

A payment gateway is a service that allows your website to automatically process(accept or decline) direct payment for your goods and services using secure internet connections. This services remove the need for a merchant to manually process the payment and transfer the transaction data between the transacting parties and reconcile with the banking entity. Consumers can pay for goods and services online using their debit/credit cards, mobile electronic payments such as Mpesa, paypal, pesapal, among others.

By integrating this payment gateway, you enable consumers to do payments in real-time and conveniently. For the business, you save a lot of time which would be used to verify the payment, eliminate the human labor that would be used to process the transactions which increases costs and errors, it has been observed that e-commerce websites increase sales and the customer base as your target market is the entire word. With the increase in online shopping trends, the issue of integrating an online payment gateway is no longer an option, rather a necessity, if you want your business to succeed.

To integrate this payment API to your business website contact a software development company with expertise in payments integration such as TrendPro Systems Ltd. We have successfully integrated payment gateways for our clients such as Mpesa payments API and they are having increased sales and growth as they receive real time payments from their applications as soon as they are made.

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