Agile software development

Processes and tools, comprehensive documentation, contract negotiations, following of a plan have been the standard stages of developing software but with an increase in demand for software with less overhead, more team collaboration, engagement and satisfaction, Agile software development methodology has been embraced to a greater extent.

Agile software development is a term that refers to iterative and incremental methodologies with values and principles expressed in the agile manifesto.

These methodologies encourage collaboration between self-organising and cross-functional teams to deliver the software products easily.

In our daily experiences with software clients, at Trendpro Systems Ltd, we break down our client’s project into week long milestones. At the end of that week we deliver the milestone and we always insist on having a meeting with the client where they can review the milestone and let us know if there are any necessary changes that can be made. Before proceeding to the next step of development we ensure we have captured the client’s needs and expectations. This iterative nature ensures testing, approval and prioritising to be done earlier in the development stage.

This development methodology is a win-win as it benefits the client as well as making the development work easier. This minimises the project costs as well as increasing the chances of success of the app. Increased transparency, project quality, customer engagement, cost effectiveness, and flexibility of this development process makes it the most effective for way to handle your project development process.

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