Captivating marketing media qualities for your digital platforms in Kenya.

Contrary to 20th century assumption among scientists that the post childhood human brain is stable in structure and that it remains consistent throughout life, increasing evidence shows that our increasing consumption of media via digital devices is altering our cognitive skills like attention. The extent of this effect is determined by the volume, intensity and style of our consumption of digital media. Three classes of individual attentions have been developed, viz: The sustained attention individual with a prolonged focus. The selective attention individual can avoid distraction and focus on some prioritized task and the alternating attention individual can rapidly move between devices to juggle tasks. Marketers targeting a population with all the three have to employ multiple approaches like; highly targeted media for the sustained attention individual, engaging, entertaining and interactive media for the selective individual to captivate them and short, direct and cross platform media for the alternating attention individual so that he finds the content everywhere they are. This is according to Microsoft Attention Spans Report, Spring 2015.

Think about your business, capturing your clients’ attention and engaging them is paramount to the long term success of your business. Ben Parr writes about seven ways to capture somebody’s attention and they include: subtly coming up with media that provoke your clients’ sensory cues and direct their attention automatically to your brand, utilizing repetition to frame your clients, surprising your clients positively, rewarding your clients, maintaining a high reputation, giving your clients a mysterious experience and acknowledging them. These triggers of attention need to be deployed when designing and developing your digital marketing media to achieve high engagement levels with your clients for your long term success.

Some of the ways that have been proven to develop attention grabbing content include; developing media that delivers significant value, brand and product within the first few seconds of display; designing content that communicates brand and information without sound by use of text overlays, captions and subtitles; using GIFs and Slideshares to enhance your existing commercial and visually bringing your story forward to drive attention even on smaller screens; creating simple and emotional stories and framing your media to square so that it’s optimized for mobile. More about how to design marketing media with the above qualities is discussed on Facebook IQ’s article.

In an article on think with Google, a 6 second format for storytelling for advertisers on YouTube is discussed. This is in an effort to address the decreasing attention spans of people in this time-for-ads constrained era. Advertisers still need to deliver ads that can capture attention within the limited time. Simplicity, reducing a story to punchlines, using strong visual elements and leaving the audience to fill in the rest consist of the tactics to deploy when designing and creating charismatic marketing content.

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