Consider integrating video to your mobile application.

According to Zenith, a media agency, we now spend more than 30 minutes watching video on our mobile phones. That’s 10 minutes more than we spend on laptops and computers and this trend is projected to grow even more as users prefer to watch a video about something they are interested in than read or see photos about it. This trend is growing so exponentially that it’s estimated that video claims 80% of the web traffic.

Based on the above statistics and trend, a need to have video integrated into mobile apps to continue to attract the attention of their users has come up. As we know we live in a world where the information around us is so much that we don’t have enough time to consume it all hence the competition for our attention. We get drawn to content that stands out and video is proving to capture more attention. For example according to HubSpot news, 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

Having a video integration on your application can enable you to easily promote your products or services hence enabling you to have higher conversion rates. Besides that, it can enable you to create compelling content that will engage your users, educate, entertain and convert them to become paying clients.

Video content on your app can also be shared in other social platforms significantly increasing your reach and impression. It also promotes brand recall as it’s highly visual and auditory hence your users can remember your brand easily.

It’s clear from the above strong positive correlation of video and business success that adding video integration to your app is no longer an option. Talk to us today for that video integration into your mobile or web application

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