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Mobile Application development best practices in kenya


One of the most important practices in mobile application development is testing the application’s functionality, usability and its consistency. Without thorough testing, the application has very minimal chance of capturing the attention of the users and delivering its purpose considering the many application out here already.

When developing an application schedule do it in such a way that you get the minimum viable product with the basic functionality, roll it out to your beta users and get their feedback on the app. This way you get to know what your clients like and be able to develop an application that suits their needs. It also enable you to get an agile development process where bugs and errors are easily identified and ironed out quickly and easily.

At TrendPro Systems Ltd we have integrated mobile application testing into our development process so that we ensure your application gets to succeed. We break down the development process into milestones which once delivered gives our client a chance to test the application before we deploy the next milestone. This also gives our clients the opportunity to test the viability of their business concept with the minimum viable product and make necessary adjustments if necessary.

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