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Decision making is a force that shapes our destiny. Be they personal, institutional or organisational, decisions made in the past determine where we are. That’s why the decision making process is critical to any individual, organisation or institute’s management.

In early periods, intuition used to be trusted to make the right decisions. That’s why people who had a long experience or expertise in a certain area would be trusted to lead and make decisions on behalf of others. However, this system of decision making has long been challenged as the world has become more uncertain. It has been seen that intuition makes people see causality where there’s none and they end up generalizing situations incorrectly based on their past experiences. In fact personal bias, outdated world views, biased news and skewed sources of information have contributed highly to make intuition unreliable as a basis for correct decision making.

In recent times,individuals, organisations and other institutions have relied on research publications for insights into populations of concern, markets and even polls. In many instances this research publications have served their purpose but in more recent times a number of them have misled us and more investigation into them have resulted in some of them being pulled back.

The reasons for the failure of some research publications include, incomplete and irrepresentative data, obsolete insights, small samples, sampling biases and publishing publications without the data used to arrive at the publication.

To make better decisions today we need more reliable, real time data to be published with the findings so that anybody can reproduce the same findings with the mathematical algorithm used. To add onto that, we need an economical means to collect representative samples of data which are rich such they can be scaled using other parameters like time and location to generate other insights and research. Platforms like SaapCRM have been built to solve this challenge.

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