SaapCRM; your gateway from Pen & Paper data collection method

For long, conducting surveys and data collection from the field has been the process of designing the survey conducting forms on paper, typing in the form in excel or a word document then printing several copies of that document to be used by field agents to collect the data. On the day the project starts, all this material has to be disseminated to the various locations plus pens to equip the field agents to collect the data.

The agents then proceed in teams to collect the data with a team leader supervising the team to ensure they collect correct data. At the end of the day the team leader collates data from his team members and goes through it to verify the collected data of each team member. The team leader then hands this data back to the office where a data clerk enters the collected data into excel so that it can be analysed and organised into reports to shared with management for decision making.

The above process as it can be seen as a long process that takes even a week or more for an agile team. Plus printing and transporting the materials can be very costly too. In addition the process is very rigid. In the event an error is made in the design of the forms, they will need to be reprinted which can be costly as well as time consuming. In addition, the data collected is prone to many error as field agent might not stick to the guidelines. More errors arise at the data entry stage and by the time reports are prepared for management, the data insights might be wrong and obsolete.

Data collection and market research companies have been massively transitioning lately to mobile based technologies to collect their data. This is because digitizing this data collection process saves time, minimizes expenses increasing returns on investment, provides high quality data in real time. Those features collectively improves the quality of the decisions made.

Platforms like SaapCRM is a robust enterprise grade mobile technology that leverages the high penetration of mobile phones to enable your field agents collect data easily. It’s an agile platform where you can modify the data collection surveys and forms in real time and get the data from the field instantly. It leverages GPS technology to provide the location of the data collected and the route taken to the field. In addition it avails summary reports for your management simultaneously enabling them make data backed decisions in real time.

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