Can't Follow your dream?Maybe it's because you're following the Script

In my reading here and there I came across this excerpt and thought maybe this could be the reason why many of us cannot really follow our dreams.
If we track the life of an average educated person, the financial script often goes like this:

The child goes to school, graduates, finds a job and soon has some money to spend. The young adult now can afford to rent an apartment, buy electronics, new clothes, some furniture, and, of course, a car. Soon the bills begin to come in.

One day, the adult meets someone special and sparks fly. They fall in love and get married. For a while, life is blissful because two can live as cheaply as one. With only one rent to pay, they can afford to set a few dollars aside to buy the dream of all young couples—their own home.

They find a house, pull their money out of savings and use it for a down payment. Now they have a mortgage. Because they have a new house, they need new furnishings, so they find a furniture store that advertises those magic words: “No money down. Easy monthly payments.”

Life is wonderful, and they throw a party to have all their friends over to see their new house, new car, new furniture, and new toys. They’re already deeply in debt. Then the first child arrives.

After dropping the child off at nursery school, this average couple must now put their nose to the grindstone and go to work. They become trapped by the need for job security simply because, on average, they’re less than three months away from financial bankruptcy. These people will often say, “I can’t afford to quit. I have bills to pay.”

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