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Statistics are very important to humanity in that they help us understand our society and ourselves better hence we can be able to make meaningful decisions about our lives. For example we can not effectively decide on what amount of resources to direct to healthcare if we do not know how many healthcare facilities do we have and what proportion of society has access to those facilities.

Governments have statistical departments that conduct national surveys and come up with statistics that guide national policy and investment. As well, private institutions and researchers conduct and publish a number of surveys/poll results which are ubiquitous in our media. Unfortunately, not all statistics in the media are correct statistics because a number of these surveys and polls do not meet the threshold of a scientific study, have errors or are wrongly concluded.

In her “3 ways to spot a bad statistic” Ted talk, Mona Chalabi shares tips to help question, interpret and truly understand what the numbers are saying. These include; spotting the uncertainty in the numbers stated, being able to relate with the statistics and questioning how the data was collected. The data collection method is specifically important because, if the data collected is erroneous, the resulting statistics will be bad however good the methods of analysis may be.

To avoid this bad statistics, we have to start with a good and economical way to collect representative data. This can be enabled by platforms like SaapCRM which leverage mobile technology to administer surveys quickly over large population and availing the data in real time for analysis.

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