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SaapCRM; your link to Big Data


Everything that people do generates a lot of data that can be used in a myriad of ways. Large volumes of complex and variable data(Big Data), are generated from our daily transactions and activities that need to be captured and utilized to inform us of ourselves and our environment. It has been seen that big data when utilized has the potential of improving an institution or organisation’s service delivery, complement official statistics and facilitate development in various sectors such as health, urban development, transport and humanitarian response.

To achieve the above benefits of big data, we ought to first have a platform that can capture timely, accurate, complete and high quality statistical data which is a prerequisite to support effective policy planning and impact tracking of an organisation’s or institution’s projects. With such data an institution stands a chance to utilize it to come up with new approaches to generate indicators for measuring outcomes frequently and in an economical way. In essence, big data fills the gap between the period of official census, track key indicator trends and alerts decision makers to concerning trends in areas where they may want to conduct further surveys to understand more of what’s happening.

SaapCRM platform is a data collection platform utilizing mobile technology to collect real time data. With its in built checks and balances, it ensures the integrity of all the data collected and its versatility enables it to capture alphanumeric, audio, video, photo, data in a variety of formats to ensure the completeness of the data. The process of setting it up is highly simplified to ensure that you can deploy a survey in minutes and get the the data in real time from the field. This platform gives you the getaway to big data and its opportunities for your organisation in an economical way.

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