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SaapCRM Research Tool


Research, which is defined as a careful and detailed study into a specific problem, issue or concern using scientific methods is under pressure to transition from the the traditional methods and techniques of collecting data with self-administered questionnaires, transcribing and coding the data to statistical software like SPSS for analysis to complex and sophisticated methods and techniques afforded with advances in mobile technology and Big Data.

Traditionally, conducting a scientific research has been expensive. It took a lot of time to gather data which sometimes is irrepresentative due to the small sample sizes, due to the long time taken to complete the research, the information gained would be obsolete especially in highly volatile environments like FMCGs market research. Besides, this data was prone to errors as transcription errors and the chances of wrong data entry were increased in this setup.

With the highly volatile business environment and constantly changing environments, researchers need to adopt to more economical, effective methods and techniques of conducting research and delivering their results in time for effective management and decision making.

SaapCRM platform leverages mobile technology to collect location based data in real time hence enabling research agencies to have the data in time and in a format ready for analysis hence minimizing errors. The platform is also versatile enabling the administration of a variety of questionnaires from simple ones to complex ones easily in a paperless environment greatly reducing the costs of conducting a research. In addition, the system has a strong analytical engine that generates basic reports and organises the data in a format compatible with most statistical analysis softwares hence can be imported for further analysis

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