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SaapCRM for Data Revolution


The main roles of a statistician include gathering data, making the best sense out it and displaying it. This in turn helps companies and (non) government organisations to spot trends and make predictions enabling them to make the right decisions. No wonder staticians play a critical role role in government and development of all countries.

In developing countries and Sub-Saharan countries in particular, mounting evidence from research show that statisticians do this against steep odds of little actual data. Most economic indicators are calculated from algorithms whose inputs are estimations and 10 year statistics which normally consist of small sample surveys that are not representative. The datasets generated in this manner are not timely, have gaps and they are simply inaccurate. They can not match globally comparable datasets that are critical for effective budgeting and planning.

The global rhetoric of a Data Revolution which calls for improvements in how data is produced and used; closing data gaps to prevent discrimination; building capacity and data literacy in “small data” and big data analytics; modernizing systems of data collection; liberating data to promote transparency and accountability; and developing new targets and indicators, clearly is not being deployed in the developing countries.

National and local decision makers need information based on data that’s granulated to the lowest level of administration for them to be able to know for example where the poor actually live or for health services to know where best to allocate their resources.

We at Trendpro Systems Ltd have developed a statistical tool SaapCRM that utilises mobile technology to collect data in real time in an economical manner. It can thus enable institutions to conduct large enough sample surveys in a very short time and as frequently as possible. This in turn can minimise the data gaps and give more detailed granular data for better decision making.

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