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Facilitating data collection and analysis with SaapCRM


According to data science researchers, sub-saharan countries should invest in real time data collection and analysis to speed up their development goals. However this sector faces challenges which are barring them from reaching their full potential.

Lack of capacity and high costs of collecting data frequently rank highly among the problems facing this sector. Consequently, National Statistics Centres are incapable of collecting timely administrative datasets which are representative and frequent enough at the national level.

Census conducted are very manual in nature due to the limited technological infrastructure. For example, household surveys are conducted using a door to door approach to collecting data which turns out to be very costly and laborious. This leads to gaps in the available datasets.

To deal with this situation, platforms like SaapCRM are trying to handle this challenges by greatly reducing the cost of collecting data by leveraging the use of mobile devices to capture data in real time and submit it to a back end platform which analyses the data and displays reports in real time for quick decision making.

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