Monitoring disease outbreaks and quickly distributing Medicines to the affected areas

The pharmaceutical industry in the developing countries is struggling with a number of challenges including; restrictive regulatory frameworks that make the delivery of drugs expensive, a poor distribution channel, few local manufacturers as more than 70% of the drugs we consume are imported. In this scenario, the government and NGOs are the institutions left to supply most of the drugs with a few multinational companies distributing a small percentage of the medicines- those that have margins good enough for their profitability.

Consequently, this leaves the government and NGOs strained to supply adequately to the poor remote citizens who can’t afford these medicines especially when they have been hit with an outbreak like cholera. When a situation like this breaks out, it claims so many lives before the it can be brought under control.

Fortunately, real time monitoring tools like SaapCRM which can be used to capture and analyse a wealth of public health records and inform in real time health officials of the most vulnerable areas exist. You can track more than 20 diseases that mostly affect a country or a region so that you have insights on how to streamline your distribution channels and make their decisions in real time to save lives. This system displays this data on interactive dashboards giving real time situations on the ground hence drugs can be distributed more efficiently hence significantly reducing their cost and saving lives.

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