Not Every Opportunity is best for you – Filter Them

As the saying goes, opportunities are like buses, there is always one more coming. Every day we are presented with many opportunities, if we try to grab all of them chances are we will be overwhelmed and might end up with little progress if any at all.

To avoid this, here is a small list of ten questions you can use to tell whether an opportunity is best for you or not:-

  1. Is the project/opportunity in harmony with my major goals and purpose?

  2. Are the people involved of good character, and will I likely enjoy working with them?

  3. Does the project/opportunity make sense as explained?

  4. Does it promise returns equal or better than my target?

  5. Do I have, or can I hire the skill required to successfully complete the project/undertake the opportunity?

  6. Do I have, or can I get the capital needed?

  7. Do I have the time to successfully oversee the project/opportunity?

  8. Does it provide at least three acceptable exit strategies?

  9. Can I live with the worst case scenario, and is it within my risk profile?

  10. Is it a win/win for everyone?

If you answer no to any of those ten questions, my advice is, wait for the next bus otherwise proceed with due diligence of the opportunity in question.

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