Micro Targeted development with SaapCRM

Kenya and Africa in general is endowed with abundant and diverse resources but we still remain highly underdeveloped. The traditional development plans that we deploy have failed to account for the diverse resources we have leading to poor development. This situation calls for a change in our development plans if we are to achieve the rapid development we urgently need.

Microplanning which consist of unique, target development plans for each individual, household, village, block, city, county and country can come in handy. This planning requires that data be captured of the various resources and demographics then profiles be made so that the right government schemes are deployed to the right demographics. With this type of planning, government officials can understand the socio economic dynamics and development challenges of each village and make appropriate budget and policy decisions that can drive rapid development.

To achieve this the governments need to partner with data intelligence companies to provide a centralized planning tool that can be used to effectively micro target development initiatives. SaapCRM platform is designed to enable detailed data collection. This data is geo tagged enabling the identification of the needs of every individual or village then matching them with the existing government schemes and a score generated to see how well they are doing. It also visualizes this information on interactive dashboards bringing the entire decision making process to one place, making even the toughest decision faster and easier.

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