SaapCRM as a unifying and tracking tool.

Currently we are experiencing the 4th industrial revolution which unlike the previous revolutions is a fusion of technologies characterized with unprecedented scope, velocity and systems impact. This revolution is happening across all industries and it’s greatly improving efficiency and productivity and shaping the way we do pretty much everything hence disrupting the old ways of doing business and governance.

With millions of people connected and sharing information at exponential rates, this revolution is increasingly enabling citizens to engage with their governments, voice their opinions, coordinate their efforts and even circumvent the supervision of public authorities. This results in increasing pressure for governments to change their current approach to public engagement and policy making. Therefore the government has to be more agile and quick to adapt to the world of disruptive change and subject their structures to transparency and efficiency.

The government has to utilize digital data collection infrastructure like SaapCRM which can enable it to track clear quantitative goals for each of its ministries and then unify them to a single platform that will enable it to have clear visibility on the status of development clear and the way to engage with the public. This tool enables the leaders in various positions to make data driven decisions quickly and be able to adjust in time for effective governance in this revolution.

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