Project monitoring with SaapCRM

Every year billions of money are spent on public investment projects and programs many of which fail. This is partially due to the fact that little or no due diligence is done to look into the suitability of these projects and programs to the society as far as their priorities and needs are concerned. The decisions to implement these projects are usually made by a few people who have not established the relationship between the project, public needs and the governing policies.

Projects and programs are policy implementation tools. These projects and programs bring about economic, institutional and social development by utilizing the limited resources available. On a strategic level policies should be aligned with the important priorities in society and needs of society. For these projects and programs to achieve policy implementation, they need to be monitored closely to get real time progress, find problems as they happen, and continuously assess its impact.

SaapCRM is a mobile app that can be used to collect data and track programs and projects’ progress and impact in real time. Agents working on a project record the progress of their work on a project and surveys are frequently conducted to access the impact and any problems arising which then get submitted in real time. Key monitoring and impact metrics, geographical and time tags and detailed drill downs. The data collected is visualized on an interactive dashboard that enables those in charge to assess the program/project, monitor impact and make necessary adjustments.

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