Tracking government departments contribution to development with SaapCRM

Governments come up with development agendas and projects to achieve certain set goals like The Millennium Development Goals, Structural Development Goals, Vision 2030 among others. For the achievement of these goals, the agendas and projects need to be broken into milestone that have to be achieved at specified dates and they also have to be allocated to various ministries to carry them out. In a country where the ministries are disconnected- each ministry planning and executing its activities independently, achievement of this goals becomes increasingly difficult due to lack of coordination and pooling of knowledge and resources. This therefore makes it hard for them to collaborate with one another, sync their efforts with development activities and increase their impact.

In light of this glaring problem, a unified platform that can collate and capture the various ministries’ development activities and projects has to be set up. This platform will enable the governing authority to monitor all its ministries and department activities and measure them against the set milestones and the achievement of its goals. On this platform, the ministries can measure and track the impact of their work, the government can monitor the diverse development effort of its departments and researchers and parliament can be able to use the data of this platform to measure the value created by these projects.

SaapCRM is a mobile based economical platform that allows various departments to upload their development data history. The data is aggregated across the departments to get a clear stand on current development status. With the aid of stakeholders, questionnaires are designed that are sector specific and can capture data with the right metrics on the development activities and impact of the various ministries. The questionnaires are deployed with the help of field agents who submit the data in real time. The data collected is then measured against the set score card and then visualized for all interested stakeholders to see.

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