Data capturing for efficiency

We live in a world where loads of information is being generated from the people around us, devices we are using, the business processes we are conducting and many other factors occurring around us. This data generated need to be captured for us to take advantage of the insights that this data can communicate to us so that we streamline our activities, interaction and processes for efficiency. Businesses in particular can gain competitive edge over their competitors if they take advantage of this opportunity.

Tapping into the information in your enterprise affords you the advantage of better connecting your employees greatly improving their tasks downtime and optimally assigning them to resources and activities. This information also allows you to gain visibility into your core processes so that you can automate the time consuming core processes allowing your employees more time to serve customers better and improve their efficiency and ultimately their productivity.

SaapCRM leverages mobile technology to enable your company capture this data in a cost effective and simple manner. It just like sending a text message or updating a status in your social media. Then it combines this captured data with time tags and geotags plus an in app camera to authenticate the data captured. The data captured is then analysed with an in built analytics engine to generate reports in real time which is then utilised by employees according to their hierarchies to effectively communicate and optimally handle their tasks efficiently. Effectively, this system empowers the business users, reduces the time to value and business cycles plus it affords management and its users the agility needed to respond to the ever changing business environment therefore maximizing customer satisfaction.

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