Using technology to mitigate waste in companies

Waste is a huge problem facing any organisation and management is always on the lookout for new strategies to curb it. From staff spending a lot of time doing time consuming processes like report generation which can be automated to staff having a lot of idle time and downtime, there exist a lot of waste which can be eliminated to improve on operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. It’s estimated that organisations lose up 20% of their revenues to waste. This has inspired innovations in this field to mitigate this waste.

With technologies like SaapCRM companies can be able to capture data on their business processes potentially helping the to get insights on how to improve those processes and automate others. It also captures employee data assisting management know exactly what employee is assigned to what task and for how long. With such information assignment of tasks can be optimized and overtime easily calculated. Turnaround time can also be reduced greatly.

Ultimately, optimizing resource allocation and scheduling helps to improve your operational efficiency greatly. Faster turnaround time and reduced cost to serve your clients contributes towards high customer satisfaction levels. Less downtime and enhance cross training and communication between employee also increase employee engagement and therefore increased productivity and minimal wastage.

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