A data collection tool with a big data back-end

Over the years companies and organisations have collected transaction data on their business operations majorly to track their operations and to forecast needs. With technology advancement the data collected has exploded both in sources and volume needing advanced and mobile tools to capture it in detail. In addition, this data has created the opportunity of it being mined to give more insight into products, customers and services. This requires implementation of a combination of new technologies, processes and governance mechanisms that are collectively known as big data. Big data is a huge industry in value at the moment.

Many companies primarily capture transaction data. This is structured data. They store it in their databases and they need a big data strategy to exploit it. For example, Performance Management; which is a big data strategy that tries to derive meaning from the data collected using predetermined queries and multidimensional analysis. Manager can query the database like, which outlets have the most number of sales of product A grouped by region and get real time answers displayed on a dashboard for decision making.

SaapCRM a data collection tool that leverages up to date mobile technologies for data collection enabling easy data collection also has a big data tool at the backend offering you the best of Business Intelligence. Once data has been captured via text, mobile workflows, photos, it’s time tagged and location tagged at the point of submission for authenticity and enabling the capture of employee payroll details. At the backend, the Big Data analytical engine enables managers to query the database, filter and rank reports by a multiple of dimensions (e.g region, agent, product) and generate reports and graphs that make them easily follow up on trend. These reports can the be disseminated to HR, marketing, sales, customer service, and manufacturing data, who then give a comprehensive report on business performance.

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