Data the new age ‘Oil’

For a while now we have been reading from numerous outstanding publications, speeches of prominent big company CEOs and renown world leaders that data is the ‘new oil’. This is to mean that just like oil, data nowadays is being used to generate enormous value through the insights drawn from it via analytics and combinations of different data sets. With data, governments and corporations can end up creating both economic and social benefits by fostering sustainable development, climate resilience and transparency among others.

Data needs to be collected and maintained in a usable and accessible format in order to achieve this value generation. Currently only a mere 10% of the data is collected in a format that allow easy analysis and sharing. It’s with this challenge that a data collection and analysis toolSaapCRM has been developed to make it very simple for any company to collect its data and analyse it for the much valuable insights in an economical way.

This is a mobile based tool that enables field employees to key in data and submit it in real time as they interact with clients in a seamless manner. It leverages mobile technology like GPS, text messaging, time tags to capture authentic data and submit it in real time. In addition, it captures employee job data that can be used to process their payroll. Also, it has a mapping feature that maps your area of operation into regions/ territories capturing all outlets in each region and assigning a field agent to a specific number of outlets.

At the back-end, we have dashboards for administrators to view in real time the field agent activities on a map and the data they are submitting then they can query the database to get reports on various aspects about the market data. This is enabled by the analytic engine of this tool which analyses the data collected hence giving management insights on the go for quick decision making. Besides this data can be shared easily across departments making communication easy.

Adopting this tool can significantly enable you to capture a large amount of data and equip you with market insights that any company needs to have a competitive edge and just like oil that has given value, you can get a lot of value for your company success.

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