Sales-force empowerment with SaapCRM

Generally, sales force costs represent one of the largest expenses for any company averaging 10% and up to 40% in a business to business market. Therefore, it’s prudent for any company management to come up with effective and optimally designed strategies of managing its salesforce for the company to progress and maximise profits.

SaapCRM is a mobile based salesforce management solution that monitors your salesforce activities and automates most of their routine activities availing them more time to interact with clients. It enables your sales force to collect data with their mobile phones using text and mobile workflows which is location and time tagged to ensure authenticity of the data. Hence it is used to monitor your employee discipline and activities making it possible to optimise resource allocation and processing of their payroll.

In addition to that, this solution consist of interactive dashboards at the backend which display all the collected data in realtime. It has a mapping feature that maps your area of operation with all the outlets in that area and assigns those outlets to specific agents who in turn submit data from those outlets. This dashboards allow for multiple logs so that only authorised personnel can access specific data according to his/her hierarchy.

Therefore using SaapCRM can enable your company save a lot of money by minimizing this sales-force expense and optimizing resource allocation.

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