Positioning your pharmaceutical company with technical innovations

According to world bank projections, senior adults (those aged 60 years and above), will for the first time exceed the children population, (those aged 16 years and below) globally by 2050,in which the 80% of this senior adult population will emanate from emerging markets. This correlates to high demand for pharma products as the number of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and hypertension affecting this population is likely to spike. Further, the rise in the middle class who can afford private health insurance and programs like universal health care being sponsored by governments and donors all translate to high demand for drugs.

In the face of this rising demand, there are glaring challenges facing the pharma industry in emerging markets chief among them being affordability and availability. The affordability issue is vanishing with increasing demand but the availability problem remains unsolved. It remains a question of if the supply chain can supply the local shops everywhere with quality meds when and where needed reliably. Currently, the supply chain is blind to its distribution activities on what is being purchased and where it’s being purchased leading to frequent stock outs and substandard drugs entering the supply chain.

However all hope is not lost as technical innovations can bring efficiency into the supply chain ensuring availability of meds when and where needed and help assure clients of their quality. In addition, this innovations can lower the intermediaries in the supply chain therefore lowering the price mark-ups for the meds hence their affordability in the long run.

One such supply chain innovations is SaapCRM. It’s designed to solve the supply chain invisibility problem via the following features;
1. A mapping feature that allows you to map all outlets within your area of supply, assign it to an agent(s) who then captures stock and other relevant sales data which is time tagged and geo tagged for authenticity and then submits it in real time to a central database. All this is done via a mobile device.
2. A team management system that allows communication between multiple agents and to and from the central database. It allows all agents to submit data in real time, supports layered log in so that only authorized agents have access to relevant data just like the real world hierarchies in the field. This system also captures attendance details of the agents ensuring each agent reports to assigned regions and submits real data at the right time hence can be used to process their payroll.
3. An analytics engine that generates insightful reports for management and displays it on interactive dashboards giving managers geographical visibility and insightful snapshots of what the market is like for them to make the right decisions for advancing their companies in this markets.

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