Promoting open governance

One of the main challenges facing both Government and Non-Governmental Organisations, is poor governance. Their project implementation and monitoring processes are marred with irregularities that make the whole process non viable and wasteful. Lack of collective action and accountability are common scenarios in their processes compounding this problem of poor governance.

Normally, after a project is implemented by these organisations, there follows a project review process. In this process, agents teams are sent out to the various sites of the project with lots of paper forms and questionnaires and pens to fill in the various aspects and stages of the project. Once they have filled them, in many instances with many errors, the work of collating, compiling and consolidating the data begins. Then the compiled data has to be converted into reports at the end of each day and submitted to the main office. This scenario shows a disconnection between teams and the main office, as well as an offline working that can not be verified and takes long to complete a cycle.

With this problem, smarter tools for field workforce management have been developed to handle this issue and promote open governance. SaapCRM is a mobile technology that empowers the field agent to capture and share data as easily as sending a text message or updating a status, the data is then submitted in real-time to the office and managers can see it on dashboards tagged with location, picture and agent for verification. The system has a platform for beneficiaries of the project to share their opinion hence promoting public participation. Besides, the system has powerful analytic engines that process the data submitted into reports and charts prevailing insights for decision making.

With this system, you eliminate the need of heavily equipping the IT department with computers they rarely use and promote integrity of the data captured. Plus, every stakeholder of the project has to be at the site and do his work as it can be verified promoting accountability and transparency. With this tool, everybody’s capacity is enhanced hence improving their capacity more than 10X therefore projects become more viable.

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