Sustaining NGO activities and operations

Many NGOs in Africa are grappling with many challenges among them funding problems. This state is worsened by the fact that most NGOs are not thrift in their expenditures on their activities. The most eminent repercussions of this situation is the closure of weak NGOs and reduction in activity of the ones still surviving.

Dealing with this scarcity of funds and resources, NGOs have had to see this as an opportunity to revise their goals so that they are sustainable. In addition, it has been the view of many that NGOs with similar missions should merge to achieve their goals. The idea of rationalization has also been put forth where excess staff can be laid off, termination of some programs, and reduction of the areas in which they operate.

Finally, NGOs are known to be very inefficient. They have to come up with efficient methods of managing their scarce resources if they are to navigate this storm. For example, many NGOs engage chiefly in field activities and logistics. Them acquiring a field management tool like SaapCRM which increases the productivity of their task force, maximizes the management of resources and captures real time data on the field activities and resource usage with the generation of reports hence managements can make insightful decisions in real time. This tool can in deed increase their efficiency and effectiveness more than 10X.

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