Workforce Management

Workforce Management

A great deal of Non-Governmental Organisation operations involves field activities where they mobilise a field workforce to go and carry out their activities. With that comes a logistics problem in that the assignment of activities and resources should be optimised to the workforce and accountability should be ensured so that no resource is wasted. This process of optimisation and accountability can be very expensive as it requires checks and balances which leads to more supervisors and managers.

To deal with this issues, most NGOs have invested in structured systems of governance and protocol to make sure all their activities are effective at the field. This involves very detailed paperwork and forms to record all the field activities being carried out, reports prepared to account for resources expenditure in the field, managers to govern various teams in the field as they report to management. Having all this in order is quite a task and expensive.

With SaapCRM field management tool, you can ensure optimum field activities with least supervision and paperwork as agents record all their activities in mobile phones in real time. Automatic location check ins allow for collection of payroll data therefore easy management. Besides, this mobile app allows for mapping of your territories giving you a logistical advantage when it comes to route allocation. With this tool, carrying out field activities is not only simple but enjoyable.

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