Data expedition

Data expedition

The whirl wind blowing, seated in the back of your 4-wheel drive Isuzu d-max truck on your way to North Kenya. Road and path, all full of obstacles, avoiding rocks and enjoying the scenes of hundreds of grazing goats and cattle. Destination Marsabit and its environs, bushes and thickets. Tracing your location with your android phones as you try to save time, no street lights in the lonely dark nights of northern Kenya.

You are in-charge of your voyage to get information on famine, diseases, schools in the areas and medical amenities. You’re not there as a tourist, you have to take pictures of the infrastructure and report back with facts on the same, well-calculated numbers. The time you took, heading there, all the terrain you went over to just get there and again you have to head back to report. A lot of precious time in relation to data collection and analyzation is wasted in the whole process. Now, with time-sensitive reports such as cases of disease outbreaks in the region, time is a crucial factor.

Field agents sent to such areas by companies and non-governmental organizations need better and reliable methods of getting the data and sending it back to the headquarters with little or less hassle. The use of data collection and analytics tools such as SaapCRM has been one of the most efficient ways in which such NGOs and other companies use to get and analyze such data.

It’s the user friendliness and real-time features that has made the tool so much reliable and efficient. Real-time sending of pictures and information ensure time-saving; a key factor in data collection and report generation.

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