Data for African Development

Data for African Development

Quality data is an indispensable ingredient of decision making. Therefore, government and non governmental organisations need to invest in collecting not only more data but also quality data. A number of international organisations and conferences have advocated for African countries building institutions that can capture accurate, timely and disaggregated data to enable them to plan, budget and evaluate their development activities effectively for us to harness this data for revolution wave.

Traditionally, most NGOs and government departments have used the nationally published data as a basis of their decisions on resource allocation but this data is largely misleading as there are evidently large discrepancies between administrative data and household based survey estimations. Subsequently, this data source has led to poor decisions leading to dismal development in Africa.

Addressing this issue needs strengthening of departments mandated to collect data and empowering the data collection offices with tools like that are designed to optimize the field data collection activities by having a simple mobile platform like text, photo, survey, questionnaire, for field agents and inbuilt checks and balances (timestamps and geotags ) that ensure timely and authentic data is captured. With such capacity building of these departments better quality data can be captured empowering development projects execution with maximum impacts on Africans.

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