Power of data

Power of data

Not every non-governmental organization would like to share data collected in various ways from different places about people and other resources in developing countries. Records are disoriented in most developing countries, making it hard for resource allocation and decision making. However, the world’s most developed nations such as Britain and USA, too much personal data is falling into unregulated hands.

Too little data prevents governments from doing their job, such as planning for resource allocation and distribution of medical supplies. For example, in Malawi, it’s difficult to clamp down on child labor if the kids don’t have a birth certificate and can lie about their age or, more likely, aren’t quite sure what it is.

Some NGOs have adequate capacity for registering data but have reasons for not trying too hard. Lack of proper documents for instance, can lead to denied access to social amenities in the nation. The capacity in 75% of the non-governmental organizations in Kenya and most of other African countries depend on already existing traditional methods of data collection, most of which revolve around pen and paper.

A data collection and analytics tool such as SaapCRM makes it easy for data collection, analyzation and report generation. Quality of data collected using SaapCRM is high, making it one of the most reliable and effective tool that can be used by NGOs.

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