Run your FMCG company with SaapCRM

Run your FMCG company with SaapCRM

Brands face multiple challenges in the fast-moving consumer goods’ industry, including increasing pressure or presence from private and/or small companies having cheaper operating costs, a growing social awareness for environmental responsibility and the constant push to manufacture products quicker and cheaper than before.
Another common challenge that most of these companies face is data collection; most of these companies find themselves in situations whereby they are not able to tell whether the data collected by their agents is actual or cooked up data.
Besides brand/marketing managers must stay relevant to consumers and find or come up new ways to connect with consumers as they move away from traditional sources of media. FMCG companies that stay updated, current and are flexible enough to respond briskly to these challenges continue to exist and survive into the future. Other companies try to follow up on whether their agents actually went out to the field to collect the data they present to the manages.
It’s now much easier to avoid all these headaches with SaapCRM data collection and analytics tool. SaapCRM has been developed by TrendPro systems to simply ensure that the data collected by your field agents is actual data from your outlets. This is made possible by the geo-mapping feature that the tool has. It helps you track your field agents whenever they are out in the field. Another feature of SaapCRM that helps you is the real-time reporting feature that enable you to receive the data in real-time as the field agents gather it from your outlets.
SaapCRM also has feature that allows you save time and generate reports from the data collected. Accurate information leading to accurate reports that will ensure you make the right decision critically.

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