Gaining market visibly for FCMG companies

Gaining market visibly for FCMG companies

With the economic prospects of most of the sub saharan countries looking positive as seen by their increased income levels, growing population, emergence of urban centres, consumption of consumer goods is growing and this in an opportunity companies should look out for. However, these companies need to deal with the daunting supply chain logistics as most sales happen in informal outlets hence little sales data is captured by the companies for them to make efficient distribution decisions for their goods.

Most consumer good companies are blind to their market performance as they are not in direct contact with their consumers hence they held hostage by their distributors and retailers who interact directly with them. This forces the consumer good companies to invest in some market research to monitor what actually happens on the ground for them to get foresight and make informed decisions on their distribution. This market research should provide a comprehensive retail audit and census to enable them navigate the complex african market easily.

SaapCRM merchandising Solution offers a platform to get a clear understanding of the market by;
Showing your market size by capturing the number of outlets selling your product, sales size and price in each outlet,
Mapping your supply chain and visualizing it on interactive dashboards as well as monitoring your field agents discipline and compliance to sales activities via GPS, timestamp tags and pictures as proof of execution of a sales activity
Gauging competition by capturing competition data like share of shelf space, their sale size

With such a solution, a FMCG company can gain geographical visibility into its market and be able to set the right level of ambition and decide where to expand to, set up a right distribution structure, choose the right partners, design the optimal route to retailers and support their in-store execution activities effectively with their sales agents.

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