SaapCRM: Data collection

SaapCRM: Data collection

Well, in the field of data collection most companies go through a lot to make their data collection processes successful. Some of the common challenges that most fast-moving consumer goods’ companies face include the following:
- Lack of a data Strategy
How a company will collect, handle, manage and store content. While a data strategy can vary in its breadth and depth, a simple strategy explaining each component is vital. Challenges such as data collection through third-party sites and storing all of the collected data within their platform. Now, behind every sale is a customer whose ever changing buying data need to be captured in real-time and SaapCRM is giving the most effective way to achieve this. Through SaapCRM, you are able to collect your data with much ease and be able to manage it easily.

  • Data collection: What and how? For the most part, there are two immediate questions that plague a data strategy and drive the roadmap. What data do you want to collect? How will you collect that data?

Since data collection can happen in various formats - print, digital and in-person -- the means in which data is shared and collected is a serious concern. When dealing with sensitive and personal identification information, the outlet for collecting this should be secure. SaapCRM allows you to collect your data discreetly. Through the individual apps each field agent installs in his/her mobile phone, the data collected is kept confidential for use by the authorized parties only.

  • Data Sharing After you have solved the puzzle of data collection and storage, the kicker in putting data to work is data sharing, which can also be referred to as data integration. Data sharing in companies can be another challenge because most of the systems used to store data are integrated. SaapCRM allows you to have the data that you have collected from the field shared with head office more efficiently and safely without the risk of compromise.

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