Building a strong distribution channel

Building a strong distribution channel

To run a successful Fast Moving Consumer Goods company requires you to know your potential market size and the consumer behaviour and then you establish an effective distribution channel to reach them effectively.

To do this you need a good market visualization of the outlets and retailers who sell your products and a way to update the list and be in touch with them to capture relevant sales data and the consumer behaviour towards your products so that you can respond to the market demand effectively. a Sales Force Automation/ Merchandising Solution is an effective solution to your company to come up with a robust and effective distribution channel as it does the following:

  • Allows you to visualize your market on interactive dashboards hence you can see all outlets/ retailers selling your product(s) and any agent associated with it. Via a mobile app used by your sales agents, they can add new outlets and submit sales data through their mobile phones via dynamic forms designed by management to capture all relevant data and the data is then submitted in real time.

  • The mobile apps used by your sales force/ in-store activators are designed to capture the daily attendance via location locked check in, this feature generates information for their payroll and monitor their compliance and discipline.

  • The mobile app for the agents is designed with checks and balances like the time stamp tags, in app camera to capture photos as proof of execution of a sale related activity, GPS tag, e.t.c that ensure authentic data is captured.

  • A strong analytic engine that processes all the data captured and generates insightful reports on interactive dashboards for management to take action.

With this system, you can have the relevant information to make informed decisions and avoid such scenarios as stockouts or not being present in some market segment or even selling the wrong product in the wrong market.

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