Get it: SaapCRM

Get it: SaapCRM

Ever wondered where to get some of the best data collection methods for your company and field agents? Now, that is not a challenge any longer, TrendPro systems have developed the best data collection and analytics too. SaapCRM give you and your company the smartest solution to your field operations management, saving time in the whole operation of collecting data, analyzing it and coming up with perfect reports with the help of report generation feature on SaapCRM.

SaapCRM is a mobile based solution for managing your field taskforce by capturing updated and authentic data from the point of execution. Sending field agents out there to go and collect data from all of your outlets can be hectic, but with the tool, all this is made easy and the work becomes more efficient. SaapCRM also helps in the sales force automation to ensure that you get maximum returns from your team’s work. Take for instance, you are sending someone to collect data for your outlet in Mombasa, with your headquarters located in Nairobi, the first thing in mind is time. How much time will the agent take to get the work done? Then again, how much time will it take to get the data, key it to a computer and the come up with reports? Too much time indeed, now, with SaapCRM this is all easy as the tool has features that automates all the above processes, saving you a great deal of time.

SaapCRM comes in handy in providing merchandising solutions by helping you get real time insights from your sales and marketing activities. It also helps you track the discipline of your taskforce in the field from the comfort of your laptop and thus getting to know their levels of compliance. GPS coordinates, timestamps and in build camera to capture photos are other key features of the tool that enhance process compliance.

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