SaapCRM for your Business

SaapCRM for your Business

One of the biggest headache to both small and large fast-moving consumer goods’ companies comes in when trying to monitor the movement of their sales-agents in the field. Some agents go out in the field whilst others only lie to have gone. This can slow down business growth rate since the management will be making critical decisions based on wrong data. Now, with better geographical coverage and visibility of the outlets of your products, where the agents are sent to, SaapCRM offers better logistic and warehouse management and the automation of your supply chain. This thus helps you avoid incorrect data collection, keeping your business going forward.

Fully integrated SaapCRM sales tracking enables management to have a real-time insight into which region, segment, outlet and product mix have high/low demand. The real-time feature of SaapCRM enables managers and sales agents to be real-time contact and thus the decision made are time conscious thus saving the precious wasted using the traditional pen and paper methods of data collection.

Another feature users of SaapCRM will enjoy is its merchandising solution, with which you can know how the distribution channel’s performance are doing and strategize the next distribution cycle accordingly.
Today’s winning companies have at least one thing in common, they have all invested in data capturing and analytics which is offered by SaapCRM merchandising solution. Efficient, quick and easy data capturing and report generation is necessary for quick growth of business and thus with SaapCRM, all of this is possible. Statistics show that winning companies are likely to use advanced analytics like the ones in SaapCRM to set their everyday shelf prices and offers.

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