Keep your Company running

Keep your Company running

Retaining a client can be even more difficult than winning a new account: Every email, every interaction, and every look will be scrutinized by an unhappy and unsatisfied client. And every email, interaction, and look can be the spark that leads to mistrust and dissatisfaction.

At TRENDPRO systems we believe in doing quality work for our esteemed clients and customers because we value their attention and time spent doing business with us. Giving quality services and delivering quality work is not all it takes to get and keep your clients. For instance, with SaapCRM, handling your business is made easier and more efficient thus delivering to your clients is improved. But is that all you need to keep you best clients?

Business plans without action are just wishes, thus SaapCRM provides a platform to collect data with the right metrics about your product(s) providing actionable insights in your business. Organized data, easy to analyze with our analytics tool make report generation easy and thus saving time.

The simple things that you do for your clients in the day-today running of their business matter a lot in keeping them. It’s not solely about “just business”, keeping the relationships with your clients guarantees you a chance of being endorsed for future jobs. At TRENDPRO systems Kenya, our clients do matter to us and that is why in the latest sales of our software we keep you satisfied and if there’s an issue with the latter we are a call away to assisting you.

Our SaapCRM clients know better, once we offer you the trial version of the software, we train you on how to use it and ensure that we provide technical supports once you purchase it. It’s about business, yes! But we care about our clients and that why we are always there to support you.

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